Designing an interactive website for a selected movie. Interactive products design course 3rd year.
About the project
This project focused on UX/UI design for a desktop website that expands on the experience of the movie series “Men in Black”, a sci-fi comedy in which humans and aliens coexist on the same planet.

The concept
The site’s purpose is to bring the viewer into the fantastic world of the movie by employing the realest problem of this time - Covid-19. The pandemic is used as a cover story by the aliens in an attempt to take over the world. 
Aliens alongside humans
In the third movie, Men in Black 3 (2012), familiar characters appear, with their own sci fi-esque stories.
I employed the same narrative choice on my site and used familiar characters with their own alien stories to tell in order to enrich the experience and combine the real world and the movie’s world.
Memory Erasing
In the Men in Black movie series, there is a device called The Neuralyzer - used to wipe the short term (or long term) memory of humans in order to keep them from recalling any alien sights or activities.
I chose to conclude the site with a memory wipe experience, in order to give the user the feeling that viewing the site is a one-time opportunity. After erasing, the user is transferred to an ordinary recruitment site I've created.
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