UI & UX design course, 3rd year.
For this project, I created a weather app inspired by the designer Birgit Palma, in which the design is used as a playground - utilizing geometric and abstract shapes, textures, bright colors and lettering that ties it all together to a cohesive and usable app.
Visual Language
As part of the playful experience created for the app, I chose to represent each city as a stamp, which the user can collect into a collection of their favorite cities.
In addition, I illustrated central sites that appear in each city, which are represented on the app’s map, a map that shows the user where they can find perks and deals.
Modular typography
As part of the visual language, I created modular numerals and Hebrew letters that come together to express the app’s central visual information - the name of the city and the current temperature.
Home Screen
The home screen shows the city the user is currently in according to their GPS. The color palette and graphic elements that appear depend the location’s current weather.
Map of perks and deals
The map is an in-app store - a feature I developed that shows a range of deals and perks around the city with respect to the state of the weather. Ex. - During winter weather, the user can enjoy a coupon for hot soup at a popular restaurant, or get a deal for different branded equipment like an umbrella or jacket - all which can be purchased in-app.
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