Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is an enterprise endpoint security platform designed to help enterprise networks prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats.
The timeline objective is to Investigate a device's events and behavior to quickly capture risks and anomalies. The Chart presents all of the events on the device. Suspicious events are marked by the system and show on the timeline. The user can mark in a flag suspects events on the timeline:
The way the timeline design and works today is not so clear to the users, we received real feedback from them in order to improve the feature and reduce the gaps.
The marking option on the timeline is not accessible enough and it is difficult to mark a specific time point. The view on the timeline doesn't change when different time ranges are marked and some of the information at these time points remains hidden.
Suspicious events are presented differently in the events table and the timeline.
Suspicious events that happened nearby appear as a single event in the timeline and the user may miss them. Events that appear close to each other on the timeline, occurred by a large margin of time.
I chose to focus on revealing relevant information for the users in the timeline in order to link them quickly to the information in the event table. 
Now there is a visual connection between the suspicious cases that appear in the table and the timeline.
Additional information about the event appears when a mouse hover. The event highlight in the table to help target the user on the specific row
The user can focus on different time frames: individual minutes, days and months.
The selection of the range can be done manually by dragging the arrows of the range on the timeline, or by clicking the tabs/calendar.
The number of events that occurred in close proximity to each other is given a different representation - size and number of events
Events of varying severity are located at different heights from low to high and are represented differently at the fill level in order to make the information accessible for color blind people
This project was created in the 1st Microsoft 5 days design Bootcamp, 2021. 
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