A complete application development process that includes evaluate and define, concept development and users validate. UX / UI course, 2nd year.
The problem:
There is no single app that incorporates all of  the services the students need and lot of important information is lost along the way.
The solution:
I developed an app that combines all the services in one place by diving the application into five main screens according to preliminary research for users' needs.
Take a look
at the prototype
The collage map
The significant innovation in this app is the ability to view the college map and see where each of the following services are located:
▸ Student services
▸ Food
▸ Parking
▸ Entrance gates
In addition, you can click on each one of the buildings and view the different floors in it. On each floor you can see the classrooms and the rest of the services for students.
View lessons, tests dates, Pre-booked classrooms, events and lectures
View grades graph, exams notebooks.
 Registration for late-testing.
Simple process of Selecting the printing settings. View how much money is accumulated in the your student card and charge it directly from the app
Study room
Filtering classrooms by class type. The offering study rooms include rooms where I recently studied and additional available rooms. At the end of the process, you can add a reminder to the calendar.

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